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Did you know Yuma Arizona is known to be the Sunniest Place on Earth?

Locals would say wearing sunscreen is a good idea. Visit Yuma has said the city promises sunshine at least 91% of the time. Home to over more than 225,000 people, Visit Yuma says living here gives off a mid-sized city feel, while also having the benefits of a big city. Unlike traffic in Phoenix or even Los Angeles, locals have also said how there is less traffic living here.

If you're looking to buy a home in Yuma, the real estate prices are affordable. From a recent article comparing the Yuma AZ housing market to San Diego CA market, the median home cost in Yuma is $219,000 and in San Diego it is $812,000. Just looking for an apartment? A 2-bedroom apartment in Yuma could be rented for under $930 whereas in San Diego it is a little more than $1,300. 


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Although one can find themselves surrounded by desert, Yuma has green land areas also, due to the Colorado River. Looking for something fun to do while in town? White water rafting and fishing is a must have, also many locals go to the beaches near the West Wetlands Park. At the park, people can fish, boat launch and maybe go riding out on the sand dunes. Yuma has various annual festivals to enjoy, like Lettuce Days, which celebrates the city’s biggest crop.

The Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival is a hot air balloon event that takes place every November. Though Yuma doesn’t have a professional baseball team anymore, it uses the Desert Sun Stadium to host taco and tamale festivals and many concerts.

Garden Cafe

In Yuma, people get traditional Mexican food and also American cuisine as well. Yuma Daily News blogger Kelly Miller talks about the great food options at The Garden Cafe. Kelly has said, “The Garden Cafe is family owned and operated and located on Madison Avenue, downtown Yuma. This special spot is open Tuesday - Sundays from October through May. This restaurant is a staple of Yuma and offers breakfast and lunch. A few of the menu items that are a must to try are the tortilla soup, the Pollo Plate and any of the desserts. Believe me, the desserts are incredible! Reservations are a great idea for this location, too.” 

From always providing sunshine every day, affordable housing, great places to adventure, to delicious cuisine to try, Yuma has it all. If you are interested in learning more about what Yuma has to offer, sign up for alerts from or have anything to add about the lovely places locals call home, write to us at

Yuma is calling, you should answer!